Attractive environment for business

Kuopio offers an attractive environment for business. The city has a great location and the region is a vigorous commercial centre with wide coverage area in the whole Central and Eastern Finland.

The vitality and success of Kuopio is based on the enterprise-friendly policy of the local authorities, on development-oriented businesses and on close cooperation between the authorities and enterprises.

Kuopio has an active and diversified economic life and the city is known for its individual and unique business climate and versatile range of small and medium sized enterprises.

Globally and locally - excellent business environment

The growing, developing city provides an excellent business environment for companies operating globally and locally, including high technology, metal and food industry, wood processing, boat industry and enterprises in the service and trade sector, among others.

Kuopio and its Science Park is a nationally and internationally  recognized Centre of Expertise in the fields of health, environment and well-being, all supported by ICT.

Are you planning to set up a business or invest in Kuopio? Contact the Business Development Services. We will help you to create the perfect solutions for your business ideas.


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