Nature and environment

Diverse nature, beautiful scenery, and a clean environment make Kuopio an excellent place to live and visit. In Kuopio nature is near in every neighborhood, even in the city centre. Large water areas and wide countryside enable you splendid time outdoors. The beautiful parks make possible both recreation and activities near home.

However, a good environment is not a matter of course. The wellbeing of the nature and the residents requires actions to maintain the good situation. Kuopio is distinguished especially for preventing climate change and improving energy efficiency.

Contact information

Environmental Protection Services and Environmental and Construction Committee
Customer Service
Tel. +358 17 182 127
Postal address:
P.O. Box 1097, SF-70111 Kuopio
Street address:
Suokatu 42 (Council Office building)
Email: ymparistonsuojelu(at)


Photo Vicente Serra