In Kuopio people live near nature and services

Kuopio is a city where people live near nature and services. Beautiful landscapes and proximity to water together with excellent job opportunities, versatile cultural life and high-class services make Kuopio a pleasant and enjoyable place to live in. Distances are not far, whether you are travelling by car, by bus or by bike.

The housing production of Kuopio is fast-paced. Many new houses and even new districts are being built in the areas that are near the city centre, for example Saaristokaupunki, the Town of Islands.

Additionally, the existing houding stock is being taken care of and older residential areas are being renovated and modernized constantly. The city planning service of Kuopio offers affordable and diverse living options for people in different life situations. Versatile housing stock guarantees that everyone can feel pleased to live in Kuopio.

Local Neighbourhood Associations (in Finnish) and Citizen Houses have an important role in Kuopio. They make it possible for every resident to participate in developing their own community.

The Neighbourhood Associations organize events and give reform proposals about developing the neighbourhood. The Citizen Houses offer opportunities to meet new people living in the same area and all the Citizen Houses warmly welcome everyone to participate in their action.

In Kuopio it's easy to make a dream that many people have a reality: Living near water and near services. Kuopio is one of the top cities in Finland when it comes to quality of life.

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