The goal of the city of Kuopio is to develop security and comfortability of public areas of the city. In addition, the aim is to increase everyday safety, prevent accidents, substance abuse and violent conflicts.

Finland is divided into 22 rescue service regions. The functions of regional rescue services are performed in cooperation between the municipalities of the region The Pohjois-Savo Regional rescue services are responsible for emergencies that occur within the Pohjois-Savo region. 

The Emergency Services College in Kuopio is the national professional rescue training establishment in Finland. The college produces professionals who are needed for the fire, ambulance and civil defense services.

Emergency calls

Emergency calls should be made by ringing the emergency number 112. Emergency response centres (ERCs) alert fire, ambulance, police, social or maritime search and rescue service personnel in emergency situations, as appropriate. The ERCs provide emergency callers with advice until the relevant service unit arrives at the scene.

The emergency number is 112 throughout Finland.

Emergency number in Finland

Emergency calls should be made by ringing the emergency number.


112 information

Guide for how to use the emergency number 112 in Finland
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