City contact information

City contact information

On these web pages you can find the contact details of City customer services and information about available online computers and online services.

Kuopio Info

Kuopio Info (at the shopping arcade Apaja) provides information regarding tourism, services offered by the city and directs clients to the relevant services. You can get, among other things, brochures of Kuopio City, maps and application forms of the city free of charge.

  • Tel. (free number) 0800 182 050, +358 17 182 584 (chargeable)
  • Email: palveluneuvonta (at), tourism (at)
  • Address:
    Kauppakatu 45, P.O. Box 228
    SF- 70101 Kuopio, Finland

Opening hours Mon–Fri between 9 am and 4 pm


Customer Service at the Council Office building

Customer Service is located in the main lobby of the Council Office building. General information is available, particularly on urban environment matters: building, town planning, traffic and parking.

You can also pay invoices sent by the city and buy fishing and hunting licences at the office. Kuopio City brochures, maps and application are also available, free of charge.

  • Tel.: (free number) 0800 918 511, or +358 17 185 044 (chargeable)
  • Street address: Council Office, Suokatu 42
  • Postal address: P.O. Box 1097, 70111 KUOPIO
  • Fax: +358 17 185 048
  • Email: kaupunkiymparisto (at)

Opening hours on weekdays 8 am and 3.30 pm, opening hours in the summer between 8 am and 3 pm, on Friday between 8 am and 2 pm

Customer Service of Karttula district

  • Tel. +358 17 184 906, or +358 17 184 963
  • Address: Kissakuusentie 6, 72100 Karttula
  • Fax: +358 17 184 999
  • Email: asiakaspalvelu.karttula (at)

Opening hours on weekdays 8 am and and 3.30 pm, opening hours in the summer 8 am and 3 pm, on Friday 8 am and 2 pm.

Email accounts

The email accounts of different city services units can be found on the page Email contacts (information in Finnish).

The email accounts of the city personnel follow mainly the format:

Kuopio City Hall

Photo Vicente Serra

Internet and telecommunications

Public libraries, citizen houses and a few private companies' premises in Kuopio provide residents with free and open access to the Internet.


Net cafes & net restaurants

Ale Pupi, Kauppakatu 16
Bar Freetime, Kirjastokatu 8
Cafe Satama, Kauppakatu 1
Coffee House, Haapaniemenkatu 24-26
Pannuhuone, Kauppakatu 25
Ravintola Gloria, Kauppakatu 16
Hesburger, Päiväranta
Hesburger, Sokos
Intro, Kauppakatu 20
McDonald's Keskusta
Musta Lammas, Satamakatu 4
Olivia, Viestikatu 3
Ravintola Isä Camillo, Kauppakatu 25-27
Ravintola Sampo, Kauppakatu 13
Rosso, Haapaniemenkatu 24-26

Further information on the tourism web page