Visit Kuopio virtually by sightseeing e.g. Puijo tower, City hall, passenger harbour, or the unique network of lanes (video in Finnish).


Real City for Real People

Kuopio - beautiful nature, enjoyable living

The city of Kuopio, founded in 1775, is the 9. largest city of Finland, with 118,000 inhabitants. About 600,000 people live in the Kuopio catchment area in all.

85 percent of Kuopio inhabitants live in the city centre or in the suburbs. They are slightly younger and more educated, compared with the average population of Finland.

The city of expertise, science and technology

Traffic connections to Kuopio are good and comprehensive. The distance from the capital city Helsinki to Kuopio is 400 kilometres.

Kuopio is one of the national centres of expertise and a major university city.

The wood and food industries are the most important traditional industries. Additionally, tourism has an important role for the economy of the city. Most employees in Kuopio work for service industries.

Lakes and Forests Characterise the Region

The total area of Kuopio is 4,320 square kilometres, of which one fourth is water and one fourth covered by forests. The largest lake surrounding the city is called Lake Kallavesi. The length of the shoreline is as long as 6,340 km.

Water, rich flora and hilly scenery, which is typical of the Kuopio landscape, are the essential characteristics of the natural beauty in Kuopio.

Beautiful nature and a pleasant living environment with outstanding quality of service make Kuopio – a city  with quality of life - an attractive place to live.

Unique and Legendary Characteristics

Visit the Market Place and have a piece of Kalakukko, Finnish fish pasty. Kuopio has many special characteristics that are well-known nationally and internationally. In addition to Kalakukko, the Market Place, the Savo dialect and the Puijo area are examples of the most legendary features.

The City of Kuopio is well-known for several events like Kuopio Dance Festival and a diversity of other cultural activities.

Although Kuopio is a modern, developing growth centre, the inhabitants have not forgotten their roots – the genuine, positive local atmosphere is even today highly appreciated.


Photo Vicente Serra

Kuopio passenger harbor
Photo Hannu Miettinen

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