One of the top ten cities

The city of Kuopio, founded in 1775, is the 9th largest city of Finland, with its over 118,000 inhabitants. About 600,000 people live in the Kuopio catchment area in all.

Kuopio is one of the national centres of expertise and a major university city.

Beautiful nature and an enjoyable living environment with outstanding quality of service make Kuopio – a city with quality of life - an attractive place to live.

Kuopio has many special characteristics that are well-known nationally and internationally. The most legendary landmarks are the Puijo tower and the Market Place.

Kuopio is well-known for several events like Kuopio Dance Festival, Finland Ice Marathon and a diversity of other activities.

Although Kuopio is a modern, developing growth centre, the inhabitants have not forgotten their roots – the genuine, positive local atmosphere is even today highly appreciated.

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City Hall

Photo Vicente Serra

Kuopio City Hall is built between 1882 and 1885. The architectural style is based on the new-Renaissance period.