Active traffic connections to Kuopio

The location of Kuopio is ideal. Traffic connections are good and comprehensive, whether traveling by trail or through highways.  Flight from Helsinki to Kuopio takes only 45 minutes.

Higway 5 from Helsinki to Lapland is the main traffic road of the region. Distance from Helsinki to Kuopio is 400 km.

Railway connections are good from both Helsinki and the Tampere-Turku region as well as from the east, Joensuu, and the north, Oulu direction. In addition, a waterway to the Baltic Sea, is open almost all year round.

Travel times and distances

To Kuopio from

By air



50 min

390 km


58 min 627 km


1 h 30 min 970 km


2 h 40 min 1932 km


2 h 40 min 2057 km

New York

8 h 30 min 6606 km

Location of Kuopio