Photos of Kuopio


Photos of Kuopio - Events

The City of Kuopio is well-known for several events: Kuopio Dance Festival, Finland Ice Marathon, ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival and many other cultural activities.

Photos of Kuopio - Activities

Kuopio is a city filled with activities. Sporting venues such as sports parks, swimming beaches, jogging tracks and nature trails, which are particularly suited for outdoor activities, cover the whole city widely.

Photos of Kuopio - Sights

The Market Place, the Puijo area and the Puijo Tower are good examples of the most legendary local sights. Cruising boats departing from the harbour can take you for an exciting cruise to Kallavesi-lake.

Photos of Kuopio - nature

Kuopio and the surrounding area are characterized by a multitude of lakes and forests. In addition, rich flora and differences of height are essential features of the natural beauty in Kuopio.

Photos of Kuopio - shopping

The city centre of Kuopio has plenty to offer for shoppers. The Market Place and the Market Hall offer a variety of fresh farm produce and handicrafts. Around the Market Place are department stores and shopping centres full of dressing & beauty, jewelry, gifts and home decor items.

Photos of Kuopio - City

The city of Kuopio is among top ten cities in Finland, with its 97 000 inhabitants. 90 percent of Kuopio inhabitants live in the city centre or in the suburbs.

Photos of Kuopio - City Hall

Kuopio City Hall is built between 1882 and 1885. The architectural style is based on the new-Renaissance period.

Kuopio in pictures

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